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APEC Photo Contest 2022

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The APEC Photo Contest is an annual photo competition open for participants from the 21 APEC member economies. Since 2011, the APEC Photo Contest seeks to raise awareness about APEC’s mission, achievements and benefits.

In 2022, Thailand hosted APEC under the theme “Open. Connect. Balance” which reflects the region’s dynamism and its ability to achieve a more balanced and sustainable post-COVID-19 economy recovery. APEC invited participants to share their photographic interpretations of APEC Thailand’s 2022 theme and priorities:

  1. Open to opportunities
  2. Connect in all dimensions
  3. Balance in all aspects

Here are the winning photos of the APEC Photo Contest 2022:

Judges’ First Prize: A Tapestry of Indonesian Vegetable Patches by Hana Krisna Arysta

Batara Krisna_LowRes

Judges’ Second Prize: Fishing for better future by Bambang Wirawan

Bambang Wirawan_LowRes

Judges’ Third Prize: Harvesting vegetables by Arie Basuki

Arie Basuki_LowRes

Popular Choice Award: EmPOWERing the Rural Community by Mohammad Reza Gemi Omandi

Mohammad Reza Gemi Omandi_LowRes

Influencer Award: Energy Source by Yusuf Arif Rohman