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Policies and Procedures

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Documentation Requirements Guidelines Word (39 KB)
Annex 1 - Cover TemplateWord(403 KB)
Annex 2 - Document Classification List TemplateWord (415 KB)
Annex 3 - Documentation Information Request Form (DIRF) TemplateWord (38 KB)
Implementation of the Document Access PolicyWord (32.5 KB)
Lead ShepherdsFormat
Revised Guidelines for Lead Shepherd/Chair and Deputy Lead Shepherd/Chair of APEC Working Groups and SOM Task ForcesPDF (97.4 KB)
Cross-Fora Collaboration GuidelinesPDF (66.6 KB)
Branding, Logo and CopyrightFormat
APEC Branding ManualPDF (52.6 MB)
APEC Intellectual Property PolicyPDF (280 KB)
Guidelines for Hosting APEC MeetingsPDF (1.3 MB)
APEC Meetings Communications GuidelinesPDF (548 KB)
Remote Participation GuidelinesPDF (View from MDDB)
Member and Non-Member ParticipationFormat
APEC Guidelines on Managing Cooperation with Non-MembersPDF (89.3 KB)
APEC Ministerial Statement on Membership
(Approved by the 9th APEC Ministerial Meeting, Nov 1997)

APEC Ministerial Decisions on Non-Member Participation (Nov 1997)
PDF (10 KB) 

PDF (7 KB)
Decision by APEC Economic Leaders on APEC Membership (Vancouver, Canada, Nov 1997)PDF (7 KB)
See APEC Projects - Forms and Resources 
APEC Publications Guidelines (Updated October 2018)PDF (1.24 MB)
APEC Publications Toolkit (October 2018)PDF (2.3 MB)
APEC Publication Number and Request for ISBN Application Form (Updated September 2020)Word (301 KB)
APEC Sponsorship Policy and Guidelines (Approved by SOM, September 2010)PDF (152 KB)
APEC Websites Guidelines (May 2020)PDF (565 KB)
APEC Satellite Website Review Request FormWord (108 KB)
Social MediaFormat
APEC Social Media Guidelines (September 2017)PDF (261 KB)
APEC Secretariat Whistleblower Policy (February 2020)PDF (156 KB)