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Automotive Dialogue

The APEC Automotive Dialogue (AD) is a forum where APEC officials and senior auto industry representatives work together to map out strategies for increasing the integration and development of the automotive sector within the region. The AD aims to become the leading regional fora on new vehicle technology in the Asia-Pacific. To do so the AD will:

  • Hold discussions on trade and policy issues and make recommendations for policymakers (trade, transport, energy).  
  • Develop capacity building workshops to upskill policymakers and industry participants on the best practices required to navigate the transition to new vehicles
  • Commission evidence-based reports and policy tool kits for members to develop policy frameworks to support the adoption of new vehicle technologies and associated infrastructure.

The AD was established in recognition of the crosscutting nature of the automotive industry and of the broad benefits to many economies of trade liberalization and facilitation in this sector. It allows the public and private sectors to work together to improve policy development, to identify barriers to growth and to develop effective cooperation mechanisms for APEC economies to address and reduce impediments.

The AD engages participants in cooperative efforts to foster the growth and development of the regional auto industry and to provide actionable recommendations to APEC ministers and leaders.

The AD continues to discuss trade and trade-related regulatory issues affecting the competitiveness and sustainable development of the automotive industry in the Asia-Pacific region. The dialogue will continue to focus its discussion on market access, including free trade agreements, tax structure and regimes, and non-tariff measures; trade and business facilitation; harmonization of standards and regulations; new technologies; and economic and technical cooperation related to the automotive industry in the Asia-Pacific region.

Upcoming Events

The next Auto Dialogue meeting is scheduled for 19-20 May in Detroit, USA


Last page update: May 2023


Gov. Matt Blunt (Mr)
Automotive Dialogue Co-Chair
American Automotive Policy Council
Email: [email protected]
Bart Meroney (Mr)
Automotive Dialogue Co-Chair
Executive Director for Manufacturing
International Trade Administration
PARK Jungoh (Mr)
Program Director
Program Director