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APEC Logo Use

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APEC owns:

  1. the trade mark "APEC" and

  2. the trade mark "Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation"

  3. all names and trade marks that include "APEC" or "Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation"

  4. the "APEC globe" logo and all similar variants, including color variants

(collectively called "the Designations").

Some of the Designations are registered.

None of the Designations may be used in any way without the prior written permission of APEC.

APEC prohibits the use of any Designation without APEC's authority.

APEC also prohibits the use of any hyperlink to any APEC website without the prior written permission of APEC.

Use of APEC Designations by News Agencies

APEC Secretariat recognizes that press agencies and journalists may wish to use a Designation (includes APEC logo and acronym) in connection with APEC-related news stories.

APEC Secretariat grants permission to news outlets to download and use APEC Trade Marks, provided the that the logo is not altered and is used in accordance with the APEC Logo Guidelines. Any use contrary to those Guidelines is prohibited without express prior written approval from APEC.

APEC Logo - Guidelines and Graphics


The APEC logo should be used in its entirety in the format and proportion shown in the APEC Branding Manual. It provides the standards for the use of the APEC Logo and includes guidelines for various materials.

Download the APEC Branding Manual.


Versions of the APEC logo

There are two versions of the APEC logo. One version is with the "Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation" text (either in vertical or horizontal format); and one with the name of either an APEC fora or APEC member.

The APEC logo with the "Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation" text in vertical format is known as the standard version.


Graphic Downloads

The APEC logo is available for download in a few different file formats: AI, EPS, TIFF GIF and JPEG. To help decide which is best for your purpose refer to the following descriptions of each file type.

  • AI (Adobe Illustrator File Format - native file format of Adobe Illustrator) and EPS (Encapsulated Postscript®)
    Both of these formats are scalable vector (line) artwork. These are the best formats for professional page layout and illustration programs such as Adobe's InDesign and Illustrator. Such programs are used to create documents suitable for reproduction via digital or offset printing processes by a professional printer.

  • TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)
    This format is suitable for Microsoft Office® programs or desktop publishing.

  • GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)
    For use on web pages and presentation programs such as PowePpoint. They are not suitable for print reproduction.

  • JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
    Recommended for photographs and suitable for Microsoft Office® programs. This format is not recommended for professional page layout or high-end production as it is does not lend itself to ensuring the quality of rendering, transparency support, and color stability.
(Vertical Format)
(Horizontal Format)
(All formats)
AI file (240kb)AI file (220kb)AI file (Zip, 850kb)
EPS file (680kb)EPS file (780kb)EPS file (Zip, 1.2MB)
TIFF file (200kb)TIFF file (140kb)TIFF file (Zip, 650kb)
GIF file (10kb)GIF file (6kb)GIF file (Zip, 140kb)
JPEG file (290kb)JPEG file (160kb)JPEG (Zip, 450kb)

For the APEC Logo in one color or halftone for use in selected print collaterals; the APEC logo motion template; or the APEC logo with a name of APEC fora or APEC member, please contact APEC Communications and Public Affairs ([email protected]).

APEC Tagline

The APEC tagline, "Advancing Free Trade for Asia-Pacific Prosperity" is used in conjunction with the APEC logo.

Download the APEC Branding Manual which includes how the tagline is used on materials and the artwork for use.

 Click here to download artwork fileAPEC Branding Manual

APEC Tagline Artwork