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APEC Photo Contest 2016

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APEC Photo Contest is an annual photo contest open for participants from the 21 APEC member economies. Since 2011, APEC Photo Contest seeks to raise awareness about APEC’s mission, achievements, and benefits.

Last year’s theme emphasizes the importance of engineering more inclusive, sustainable and secure economies to build on the region’s progress. Amateur and professional photographers alike may submit photos reflecting one of the following priority areas being addressed by the 21 APEC member economies in 2016 to realize this shared objective: 

  1. Developing human capital
  2. Modernizing micro, small and medium enterprises
  3. Enhancing the regional food market
  4. Advancing regional economic integration 

The contest welcomes interpretation of greater interconnectivity of people in the Asia-Pacific, increasing participation in business and trade, securing food supplies, and supporting thriving workforces through better education and skills development. 

Here are the list of APEC Photo Contest 2016 winners:

First prize: Basket for Export by Danilo Victoriano

Second prize: Exposure Snapper by Truong Huu Hung

Third prize: Drying Clothes by Dhiky Aditya

Popular Choice Award: Harvest Time by Jerry Lee