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Budget and Management Committee

The Budget and Management Committee (BMC) advises the Senior Officials' Meeting (SOM) on budgetary, administrative and managerial issues. Its key responsibility is to prepare the budget for APEC and approve and recommend APEC funding for projects.

The BMC also monitors and evaluates APEC's project management systems. It takes decisions and makes recommendations to senior officials to improve project efficiency and effectiveness. It also works closely with APEC's other committees to ensure projects remain relevant to APEC's core goals and objectives.

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Last page update: January 2024


Matt MURRAY (Mr)
BMC Chair 2024
Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
U.S. Department of State
Victor Antonio MUNOZ TUESTA (Mr)
BMC Vice Chair 2024
Peru APEC Alternate Senior Official
APEC Directorate
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru
Joanna TSUI (Ms)
Program Director

Current Activities

The BMC had its second meeting on 14 August 2023 in Seattle, United States. 


The BMC is overseeing the implementation of the Secretariat’s Process Modernisation Initiative, including the implementation of the APEC Project Administration System (APAS) to support automation of APEC project processes; and the development of the APEC Knowledge Management System (KMS). The BMC also endorsed the 2024 Secretariat Account budget and received the 2022 audited financial statements of the Secretariat. On project management, BMC noted the update on implementation of the 2019 Longer-Term Evaluation of APEC Projects (LTEAP) recommendations, which reported on the Secretariat’s implementation of the last of the eight recommendations arising from the 2019 LTEAP process.