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APEC Photo Contest 2013

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APEC Photo Contest is an annual photo contest open for participants from the 21 APEC member economies. Since 2011, APEC Photo Contest seeks to raise awareness about APEC’s mission, achievements, and benefits.

Each year, APEC and its host economy select specific priorities to focus on. In 2013, Indonesia hosted APEC under the theme “Resilient Asia-Pacific, Engine of Global Growth”, which reflects the region’s dynamism and its ability to drive global economic recovery. APEC then invited invite participants to share their photographic interpretation of APEC Indonesia’s 2013 priorities:

  1. Sustaining the Momentum Toward Free and Open Trade by 2020
  2. Moving Towards Sustainable Development with Equity
  3. Improving Connectivity

Here are the list of APEC Photo Contest 2013 winners:

First prize: Electric Circuitry by Chiang Shun Jie Jonathan

Second prize & Popular Choice Award: Iron Men by McLloyd T. Jumpay

Third prize: Catching Sun Light by Tran Van Tuy