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APEC Photo Contest 2012

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APEC Photo Contest is an annual photo contest open for participants from the 21 APEC member economies. Since 2011, APEC Photo Contest seeks to raise awareness about APEC’s mission, achievements, and benefits.

Each year the forum selects priority work areas to pursue. In 2012, participants interpreted the objectives APEC had set to achieve:

  1. Trade and Investment Liberalization, and Regional Economic Integration
  2. Strengthening Food Security
  3. Establishing Reliable Supply Chains
  4. Intensive Cooperation to Foster Innovative Growth

Here are the list of APEC Photo Contest 2012 winners:

First Prize: Early Morning Market by Dinh Ngoc Trung

Second Prize: Common Curiosity by Vu Minh Tuan

Third Prize: Sparks of Progress by Nikki Victoriano

Popular Choice Award: In the Rice Field by Pearlicia Chan