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APEC Tourism Ministers Issue Joint Statement

Issued by the 12th Tourism Ministerial Meeting Urubamba, Cusco, Peru | 09 June 2024

Tourism ministers from the 21 APEC member economies issued a statement following their meeting in Urubamba, Peru on Sunday. The joint statement reflects the outcomes of the APEC Tourism Ministerial Meeting chaired by Peru’s Minister of Trade and Tourism Elizabeth Galdo. 

View the 12th APEC Tourism Ministers’ Statement and 
the accompanying Chair's Statement

Under the theme of “Innovating Pathways for Sustainable Tourism Growth,” the statement highlights the need for innovative approaches to address current challenges in the tourism sector, emphasizing the benefits of tourism enterprises’ transition into the formal economy which supports the growth of small and medium enterprises and builds resilience.

Ministers also reaffirmed their commitment to building resilient tourism ecosystems that can withstand extreme weather, natural disasters and global health crises, thereby safeguarding livelihoods, preserving cultural heritage and promoting inclusive growth.

Ministers noted Peru’s work towards the development of a platform aimed at promoting cooperation among APEC economies with respect to sustainable tourism development across the Asia-Pacific region.

The statement also highlighted the need to promote sustainable gastronomy, food production, processing and consumption patterns to minimize the environmental footprint of tourism activities in the region.


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