Synthesis and Proceedings of the APEC Seminar on Trade in Health Services

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Synthesis and Proceedings of the APEC Seminar on Trade in Health Services

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July 2010

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CTI Sub-Fora & Industry Dialogues Groups, Group on Services(GOS)





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The seminar focused on three key challenges facing APEC members in terms of cooperation on trade in health services;

  • Harnessing the linkages among the different modes of supplying trade in health services;
  • Fostering trade and cooperation among APEC economies in the area of health services; and,
  • Ensuring the integration of national health systems (public and private), in order for trade in health services to benefit marginalized sectors of society.

Individual Files

  • A diagnostic tool on trade and health Download
  • A Synthesis Download
  • Annex 10 Medical Health Travel and Wellness Case of the Philippines Download
  • Annex 11a Workshop Guidelines Annex 11b Workshop Groupings Download
  • Annex 12 APEC Seminar on Trade in Health Services Highlights of Day 1 Download
  • Annex 1-3 Download
  • Annex 13 Borderless Medical Travel in APEC Download
  • Annex 14 Insurance Portability and Trade Facilitation Download
  • Annex 15 Experiences in Establishing Overseas Presence Thailand Download
  • Annex 16 Impact on Public Health and Policy Responses Case of Thailand Download
  • Annex 17 Impact of Foreign Investments on Public Health A Philippine example Download
  • Annex 18 Experiences on Registration of Medical Tourism Ecozones in the Philippines Download
  • Annex 19 Trade in Health Services Statistics Case of the Philippines Download
  • Annex 20 Measuring Quality of Health Care through Accreditation of Health Providers and Facilities P Download
  • Annex 21 ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangements The Philippine Experience Download
  • Annex 22 Liberalization of Professional Practice Download
  • Annex 23 Cooperation Agreements to Address Equity Issues Case of the Philippines 4 Download
  • Annex 24 Workshop Guidelines for Day 2 Download
  • Annex 25 General Agreement on Trade in Services GATS Health Services Download
  • Annex 26 Advances Risks Barriers and Policy Challenges in Medical Travel Download
  • Annex 27-29 Download
  • Annex 4-6 Download
  • Annex 7 Trade in Health Services Linkages Across Modes and Sectors Download
  • Annex 8 Challenges in TeleHealth Crossborder Supply the Australian Context Download
  • Annex 9 Overview of Singapores Biomedical Sciences Initiative Download
  • Annexes Download
  • APEC Seminar on Trade in Health Services An Overview Download
  • Closing Remarks Download
  • GATS trade in health services a brief overview Download
  • Joint Statement on Health Services and Trade Download
  • Participants Download
  • Programme Agenda Download
  • Synthesis and proceedings Download
  • Welcome Remarks Download