Assessment of the Achievements of the Bogor Goals in 2018

This assessment is comprised by 21 individual progress reports for each APEC member economy, as well as a collective progress report for the APEC region as a whole. The progress reports analyze all areas included in the Osaka Action Agenda. This assessment is complemented with a dashboard of quantitative indicators drawn from international organizations.

In general, progress has been achieved in several areas. For example, overall average tariffs have fallen; unilateral and negotiated services liberalization measures have been put in place in many sectors; measures to attract foreign direct investment are being implemented; cost and time to trade has been reduced; efforts towards improving the quality of regulations are ongoing; and the network of RTA/FTAs have continued its expansion.

However, the assessment also shows the need for continued improvement in a number of areas. For instance, tariffs in agriculture are still higher than those imposed on non-agricultural products; new emerging unilateral restrictions in services are appearing (e.g. on cross-border data flows); trade remedies have increased in recent years; and there is an accumulation of specific trade concerns in areas such as sanitary and phytosanitary measures.

The review is available in the following link:

APEC’s Bogor Goals Progress Report 2018

The dashboard of indicators is available in the following link:

APEC’s Bogor Goals Dashboard

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