On-going Projects

1 APEC Peer Review on Energy Efficiency (PREE) Phase 9 Japan EWG 08 2018A
2 APEC Best Practice Guidelines for Establishing and Enhancing Energy Efficiency Incentive (EEI) Schemes Australia EWG 09 2018A
3 Exploring Co-Benefit Opportunities for Renewable and Energy Efficiency Projects in the APEC Region Thailand EWG 04 2019A
4 Sustainable Mobility: Routes for integrating the Energy and Transport Sectors for Urban Cities US EWG 05 2019A
5 APEC Workshop on University Collaboration to Support Data Gathering and Analysis in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy US EWG 06 2019A
6 APEC Peer Review on Energy Efficiency (PREE) Phase 10 Japan EWG 07 2019A
7 Energy Intensity Reduction in the APEC Region’s Urbanised Cities Hong Kong, China EWG 08 2019A
8 Accommodating Disruptive Technology into RE&EE Policy for Energy Security Thailand EWG 11 2019A
9 Evaluation of Energy Technologies, Programs and Policies US EWG 12 2019A
10 Integrating Electrical Vehicles and Solar Rooftop PV in Electricity Distribution Systems with Continued Performance of Distribution Transformers Thailand EWG 03 2020A
11 APEC Capacity Building Workshop on Retro-commissioning (RCx) Hong Kong, China EWG 09 2020A
12 APEC Youngsters Forum: Raising Awareness on Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency among High School Teachers and Students in the Asia-Pacific Region Indonesia EWG 12 2020A

Completed Projects

1 APEC Peer Review on Energy Efficiency (PREE) Phase 8 Japan EWG 02 2018A
2 APEC Workshop on Integrated Energy-Water Planning and Policy Formulation US EWG 13 2018A
3 Coordinating Standards for Cool Roof Testing and Performance US EWG 14 2018A