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APEC Photo Contest 2019

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In today’s digital age, APEC continues to pursue its effort to build prosperity for people in the Asia-Pacific region. APEC’s theme this year is to focus on connecting people, building the future .

This year, we seek creative interpretation for the theme through the APEC Photo Contest 2019 by amateurs and professionals alike. APEC invited participants to share their photographic interpret any one of the following APEC 2019 theme and priorities :

  • Connecting people
  • Building the future
  • Digital society
  • Integration 4.0
  • Women, small businesses and inclusive growth

The aim of these priorities is to connect and empower people, businesses and communities, in all parts of the Asia-Pacific, to thrive in an age of digital disruption. Your photos can help to tell this story.

Here are the list of APEC Photo Contest 2019 winners:

First Prize Winner/ Popular Choice Award: Wind of Change by Danilo Victoriano

Second Prize Winner: Let’s Plant the Future by Arif Widodo

Third Prize Winner: No Cash No Problem by Klienne Eco

Influencer Award: Happy Working by Adi Dharmawan