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APEC Workshops for Capacity Building in Self-Declaration of Origin for FTAs/RTAs - Workshop Series Report

COVER_224_SCCP_Capacity Building in Self-Declaration of Origin for FTAsRTAs
Published Date May 2024
Type of Publication Proceedings
Publication Under Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI), Sub-Committee on Customs Procedures (SCCP)
Accessed 224
Pages 58
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This report is one of the outcomes of the APEC Workshop or Capacity Building in Self-Declaration of Origin for FTAs/RTAs. The main objective of this workshop is to exchange best practices and lessons learned to date from the implementation of self-declaration systems among APEC economies against a backdrop of a growing number of FTAs/RTAs involving APEC economies require the participating economies to adopt the principle of self-declaration.

This report summarizes the contents and key findings from the two workshops. Throughout the series, both speakers and participants emphasized the significant benefits that can come with implementing self-declaration of origin for traders. Some also identified the challenges to be overcome in implementing such schemes. Best practices were shared among participants from both the public and private sectors, in the common goal of realizing the more efficient and effective utilization of trade agreements.