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Services Domestic Regulation: Envisioning Next Generation Technical Standards Principles - At A Glance

COVER_224_GOS_Services Domestic Regulation - At a Glance
Published Date April 2024
Type of Publication Brochures
Publication Under Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI), Group on Services (GOS)
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Pages 4
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Within the subject of services domestic regulation, qualification and licensing have been subject to extensive policy analysis and discussions. However, the concept of technical standards for services has been largely underexplored. As the digital transition of services blurs the boundaries between sectors and occupations, standards can be more responsive to changes in technology and market structure than more formal regulatory instruments, making standards increasingly important for international services markets to reach their full potential. This study focuses on next generation services standards. The study presents information on the types of standards applicable to services, how standards are made, and industry views on the use and development of technical standards. The study also investigates the role of services technical standards in a rapidly changing world through case studies on (1) Building Information Modeling in architecture, engineering, and construction; (2) sound recording; and (3) artificial intelligence.