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The APEC Workshop on Best Practices Sharing of Water-Conservation Standards and Evaluation on Their Benefits

Cover-223-SCSC-The APEC Workshop on Best Practices Sharing of Water Conservation Standards and Evaluation on Their Benefits
Published Date May 2023
Type of Publication Proceedings
Publication Under Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance (SCSC)
Accessed 315
Pages 26
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The APEC Project SCSC 02 2021 mainly consisted of a pre-workshop survey and a workshop meeting, to exchange information on water-conservation standards and share evaluation methods and cases for their economic, social, and environmental outcomes. This publication is a project report for the project and includes an executive summary, introduction and main outcomes of the project and recommendations. 

During the project, a pre-workshop survey on water-conservation standards and policies was conducted from June to November 2022. Experts’ feedback from five economies was summarized. The workshop meeting was held virtually on 2-3 Feb 2023 and experts from eight economies attended or presented. Expert attendees presented topics about water efficiency standards, labelling schemes, sanitary wares and faucets, water reuse, water resources management, water stewardship, and more. They also discussed the mutual recognition of test methods, results, and labelling, and how to spread, implement and apply the water management standards.