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Clean Energy Start-Ups Forum: Advancing Market Reach and Business Growth

Cover_223_EWG_Clean Energy Starts-Ups Forum - Advancing Market Reach and Business Growth
Published Date May 2023
Type of Publication Proceedings
Publication Under Energy Working Group (EWG)
Accessed 194
Pages 34
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This study is one of the outputs of the APEC Workshop on Advancing market reach and business growth in the APEC region's clean energy sector. The primary goal of this forum is to examine the most effective ways to increase the market reach of clean energy businesses in the APEC region.

This report concludes presentations from all of the workshop speakers. It also assesses participant comprehension with Pre-Test and Post-Test evaluation, which are brief examinations that are purposefully structured to include numerous questions from the presentation material. The report also includes pre- and post-test evaluation data, as well as a workshop summary and recommendations obtained from this workshop.