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Singapore Workshop to Strengthen IPR Education Campaigns

APEC Workshop on Using Market Research to Develop Effective IPR Campaigns Singapore | 12 December 2007

The capacity of APEC economies to promote awareness and the appreciation of intellectual property rights (IPR) will be given a boost through a workshop in Singapore this week.

Drawing together intellectual property agency officials from around the Pacific, the workshop on "Using Market Research to Develop Effective IPR Campaigns" will help APEC economies to improve research on public awareness and attitudes to IPR issues. Ultimately this will serve to ensure innovation is protected through the development of enhanced local awareness strategies.

A new best practice manual on IPR Market Research has been developed as part of the project and will be released at the workshop. The manual provides practical guidance to equip APEC member economies with the skills and relevant tools to implement effective IPR public education and awareness campaigns.

Speaking at the opening of the workshop today, the Permanent Secretary of Singapore's Law Ministry, Ms Chan Lai Fung, highlighted the importance of market knowledge to awareness campaigns. Ms Chan said "the use of reference tools, such as IPR surveys, and the research tool kits developed under the project will greatly assist member economies in planning successful awareness campaigns."

The Chair of the APEC Intellectual Property Experts' Group, Mr. Sivakant Tiwari, Principal Senior State Counsel, Attorney-General's Chambers, Singapore, said the workshop will provide an opportunity to gain from knowledge of past strategies that have been effective and pick up lessons from the less successful ones around the region.

"It is hoped that the tools will become an indispensable feature in every economy's education efforts and going forward will generate greater results for future IP Rights education campaigns," Mr. Tiwari told the meeting.

The workshop includes input from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) particularly in relation to dealing with emerging piracy activities. Speakers will also share their perspectives of the new challenges presented by the online IPR violations and explore new strategies and policies to keep pace with technological advances.

The workshop has been developed in partnership between Australia, Hong Kong, China and Singapore and will produce deliverables that include a research tool kit for both developing and developed economies.

This workshop is one of three that are taking place to promote the development of IPR awareness strategies following an earlier workshop in Hong Kong and another that will take place in Australia in 2008. The workshop will conclude on December 14.

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