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Statement on Recent Acts of Terrorism in APEC Member Economies

Reaffirming the APEC Leaders Statement on Counter-Terrorism adopted in Shanghai, 21 October 2001 in light of the terrorist attack on 11 September 2001;
Acknowledging the need to immediately combat by all means, threats to international peace, security and economic sustainability of the region caused by terrorist acts;
APEC Leaders hereby:
  1. condemn in the strongest terms recent terrorist acts in the APEC region, especially in Bali, Indonesia on 12 October 2002, and in the Philippines on 18 October 2002 which claimed a large number of innocent lives and injured so many people of different nationalities, as well as the seizure of a large group of people in Moscow, the Russian Federation, on 23 October 2002;
  2. express their deepest sympathy and condolences to the victims and their families and to the Peoples and the Governments of Indonesia, Australia, the Philippines, and the Russian Federation, as well as from other economies;
  3. highly commend the determination by the Governments of Indonesia, the Philippines, and the Russian Federation and their prompt and decisive efforts to find and bring the perpetrators, organizers, and sponsors of such terrorist attacks to justice;
  4. welcome the issuance of the Emergency Decree on Anti Terrorism by the Indonesian Government and appeal to all member economies to take actions in supporting efforts to examine, investigate and ensure due process of law to any individuals or groups in connection to this despicable terrorist act, with full respect of human rights;
  5. reaffirm that terrorism in all its forms and manifestations committed wherever, whenever and by whomsoever, constitutes a brutal and heinous act of violence that contravenes the applicable law, religious beliefs and the fundamental values of APEC members; and a direct challenge to APEC's vision of free, open and prosperous economies;
  6. welcome the adoption of the UN Security Council Resolution 1440, 1438 and 1373 and appreciate ongoing cooperation and support amongst member economies to combat terrorism and deal with the consequences of terrorist acts and prevent further terrorist attacks in the APEC region;
  7. continue to lead the charge in ending the threat of people smuggling, money laundering, illegal trafficking of drugs and arms which contribute to terrorism in order to ensure stability, security, economic growth and sustainability for a sound and prosperous community of Asia Pacific economies;
  8. encourage joint efforts of APEC economies in mitigating the adverse impact of terrorist attacks in the affected economies;
  9. call for strengthened international cooperation to support the region's efforts to eliminate terrorism and restore economic confidence in the region.