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Counter Terrorism Action Plans

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APEC's Counter Terrorism Action Plans (CTAPs) were developed based on the 2002 APEC Leaders' Statement on Fighting Terrorism and Promoting Growth and incorporate relevant security-related elements of subsequent annual Leaders' and Ministers' statements. Each CTAP provides a concise checklist of counter-terrorism measures undertaken by an APEC member economy to achieve the key elements of the STAR initiative. These include securing cargo, protecting people in transit, protecting ships engaged in international voyages and international aviation; combating threats to security; measures to halt the financing of terrorism; and, promoting cyber-security;. Economies can indicate when they expect a particular measure to be implemented.

The CTAPs are a useful tool that provides an opportunity for member economies to take stock of their efforts, to respond to Leaders and Ministers' directions and to highlight capacity-building needs to implement these commitments.

The template is designed to be updated regularly by member economies. In 2008, the CTAP template was streamlined and rationalized to strengthen it as a tool for identifying capacity building needs, sharpening focus on APEC's counter-terrorism and secure trade agenda and to better incorporate new commitments on counter-terrorism made by Leaders and Ministers in Sydney in 2007.

Economy CTAP Last Updated
Australia Yes May 2016
Brunei Darussalam Yes  September 2018
Canada Yes October 2016
Chile Yes October 2020
China Yes February 2021
Hong Kong, China Yes October 2020
Indonesia Yes January 2015
Japan Yes September 2016
Korea Yes August 2017
Malaysia Yes August 2017
Mexico Yes January 2015
New Zealand Yes January 2013
Papua New Guinea Yes January 2015
Peru Yes  September 2009
The Philippines Yes 2015
Russia Yes November 2016
Singapore Yes October 2016
Chinese Taipei Yes October 2016
Thailand Yes June 2020
United States Yes November 2016
Viet Nam Yes October 2016