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2010 APEC Economic Policy Report

Published Date November 2010
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under Committees, Economic Committee (EC)
Accessed 32814
Pages 256
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The 2010 APEC Economic Policy Report focuses on corporate governance.

The first chapter provides insights into the relationship between corporate governance and sustainable economic growth. It outlines the formal analysis supporting that relationship and highlights salient issues and related key recommendations.

Strong and reliable institutional frameworks are necessary to support corporate governance and bolster the performance of companies so that it effectively contributes to growth. The second chapter therefore explores the different legal structures of corporate governance in selected APEC economies and presents the common features, as well as the variations in these systems.

Finally the third chapter, and the annexes to it, provide detailed information on the corporate governance processes, policies and practices currently in place within APEC, with the intention of identifying and sharing best practices.