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APEC Study Centers Consortium

APEC Study Centers (ASCs) are institutions that foster research and academic discussions supporting the broader APEC mission of regional economic integration and which are a means to building networks of academic professionals in the region. 

Each of the 21 member economies hosts centers. Today there are more than 70 ASCs, and together they form the APEC Study Centers Consortium (ASCC).

The ASCC holds an annual conference hosted by one of the centers in the APEC Host Economy for the year. The annual conference provides an opportunity for academics and scholars from around the region to discuss their research and identify areas for collaboration.

ASCs were part of the vision set out by APEC Leaders in 1993 when they launched the “APEC Leaders' Education Initiative.” The initiative called on APEC members to foster regional cooperation among tertiary and research institutes to promote greater academic collaboration on key regional economic challenges.

ASCs are independent from APEC and their functions. Funding arrangements are not uniform. Financial support is provided through both public and private funding, and research topics are usually chosen by individual study centers, which assures their independence and flexibility, ensuring the integrity of the ASC process.

Last page update: March 2022

Current Activities

The ASCC conference under the theme “Post Covid-19 and Future Directions of APEC” will be held in July 2022 in Phuket, Thailand. Presentations can focus on the following topics:

Sub-theme I: Post COVID and Future Directions

  • Development Strategy
  • Health System in APEC
  • APEC mechanism dealing with Future Disruptions
  • Education and Skills
  • Future Food and Food Security
  • Technological Development

Sub-theme II: Trade, Investment, and Regional Economic Integration

  • Trade liberalization and Investment
  • Regional Architecture and APEC (CPTPP and FTAAP)
  • Global Supply Chain
  • SMEs Development

Sub-theme III: Connectivity and Future Technology

  • Digitalization
  • Telecommunication and Connectivity
  • Medical/Health Technology
  • Privacy and Data Protection

Sub-theme IV: Global Common Concern

  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Distribution of Income Problem from COVID 19
  • Climate Change and Energy
  • Environmental Investment, Goods, and Services
  • New Security Issues
  • Food Security

Papers and presentations should be sent to [email protected] before 31 May 2022.