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ENDET works with a wide range of partners in the sphere of education, such as UNESCO, OECD, Unicef, World Bank, and APRU. By joining forces with its partners, EDNET has created a synergy of resources and expertise to achieve its objectives.


How EDNET works with its partners takes various forms, such as: inviting partners to participate in the Annual EDNET Meetings and participating in other meetings and events held by partners; co-hosting meetings, workshops and activities; sharing relevant information and resources with partners to promote education development and to contribute to policy-making in the APEC region and beyond; and combining expertise for project delivery through consultation, meetings and joint projects.


Alongside the partners devoted to education development, EDNET aligns its targets with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and other major international education development plans. A close connection between EDNET and its partners contributes to the goal of sustainable development, as well as inclusive and quality education for all.