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Under the APEC ODR Collaborative Framework, APEC partners with ODR providers located in APEC economies that have opted-in to the APEC ODR Collaborative Framework.

Platform hosts and ODR providers shall provide their own platform, to offer online negotiation, mediation and arbitration and to comply with the APEC ODR Collaborative Framework and Model Procedural Rules.

The APEC Economic Committee promotes ODR providers on its website and encourages small businesses to use them to resolve commercial cross-border disputes.

ODR providers shall keep all information confidential, maintain secure databases and websites, and report to APEC on the success of the initial pilot. They shall also charge fees proportionate to the amount in dispute.

Furthermore, ODR providers should use modern technologies such as artificial intelligence wherever possible.

Partnering ODR providers will be responsible for process issues, including fairness, due process, transparency, accountability, neutral selection and appointment and the performance of their ODR platforms.

The listed ODR providers will be governed by the relevant laws and regulations of the respective participating economies. Additionally, if a listed ODR provider is not in compliance with any part of the APEC ODR Collaborative Framework and Model Procedural Rules, APEC may remove the ODR provider from its list of partnering ODR providers.

Participating APEC economies should encourage businesses, especially micro, small and medium sized businesses (MSMEs), to use the services of ODR providers to resolve appropriate disputes. APEC will enlist other entities for outreach to businesses, such as the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) and local chambers of commerce. 

For more details, please see this video.