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APEC Sectoral Symposia on the Holistic Approach of Decarbonization for Energy Transition

Published Date June 2024
Type of Publication Proceedings
Publication Under SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation (SCE), Energy Working Group (EWG)
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Pages 160
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This summary report summarizes 2 sectoral symposia that were held as a follow-up to the APEC symposium on Holistic approaches to Decarbonization Towards Carbon Neutrality in 2021. One is the decarbonization of fossil fuels and the other is energy efficiency and energy management system.

The following 4 topics were featured in each symposium:


  1. APEC Symposium on Pursuing Decarbonization of Fossil Fuels (11-12 Oct 2023@Kobe, Japan)

    (i)         Hydrogen

    (ii)        Fuel Ammonia

    (iii)      Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

    (iv)      Direct Carbon Capture (DAC)

  2. APEC Symposium on Promoting Energy Efficiency and Energy Management System (23-24 Jan 2024@ Tokyo, Japan)

(i)          Energy Efficiency in Building

(ii)        Energy Efficiency in Transport

(iii)       Energy Efficiency in Industry

(iv)       Energy Management System and Smart City


A total of 114 individuals were attended, including speakers and participants from 17 APEC member economies plus 1 non-APEC member economy.


As a next step, APERC is planning to organize a follow-up workshop of these two symposia in conjunction with the joint meeting of EGEEC 62 and EGCFE 2024 in Nanjing, China in May 2024. â€‹


The third Symposium on Bioenergy will be co-organized with Ministry of Energy, Thailand in Thailand in December 2024.