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Communicating the APEC Putrajaya Vision 2040: Perception Survey 2023

COVER_223_SEC_Communicating the APEC Putrajaya Vision 2040 - Perception Survey 2023
Published Date December 2023
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under APEC Secretariat
Accessed 667
Pages 50
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In 2023, the APEC Secretariat conducted an online, multilingual, public opinion perception survey across APEC member economies to understand relevant public opinion, three years after the pandemic struck and a new vision—the APEC Putrajaya Vision 2040 or APV2040—was set by APEC. Uncovering trends established by benchmarks during the initial survey in 2020, the survey in 2023 focuses on perceptions of the role of multilateral cooperation, which will be achieved through the pursuit of the following economic drivers: trade and investment; innovation and digitalization; and strong, balanced, secure, sustainable and inclusive growth.

This report captures the views of APEC’s stakeholders—the region’s citizens—across wide demographics of more than 7,000 respondents covering 18 APEC member economies on how APEC is navigating current challenges in respect to its new vision.