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APEC Regional Trends Analysis, November 2023

COVER_223_PSU_ARTA November 2023
Published Date November 2023
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under APEC Secretariat, APEC Policy Support Unit
Accessed 1051
Pages 16
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APEC Regional Trends Analysis (ARTA) is a serial publication of the PSU which provides an overview of the region’s economy through an analysis of recent macroeconomic, trade, and investment trends. It tracks recent trade and investment measures implemented around the region and discusses risks and opportunities to the region’s economic outlook.

APEC GDP growth has improved, but it is uneven across member economies. The post-pandemic recovery faces significant downside risks, with the pandemic legacy, stubborn inflation, geopolitical issues, climate change, trade protectionism and geoeconomic fragmentation casting shadows over APEC’s prospects. Upside opportunities for growth could come from sustained strength in tourism and consumption as well as continued targeted fiscal support. While the region is expected to grow at a more stable pace in the short to medium term, supported by a rebound in trade, it is vital to remain vigilant and address uncertainties head-on. Over the long-term, an aging population will present multifaceted challenges, including increased healthcare and pension costs. 

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