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APEC Policy Brief on EAASR and ASCR: Services Competitiveness and Structural Reform

Cover_222_EC-GOS_APEC Policy Brief on EAASR and ASCR
Published Date December 2022
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under Economic Committee (EC), Group on Services (GOS)
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The APEC region, along with the global economy, is facing many challenges, including recovery from the pandemic, but also continuing issues of inclusion and transition to the green economy.

Services are fundamental to the response. Services industries have long made up the bulk of the APEC region’s GDP. and employment (APEC, 2016)

The APEC Policy Brief on Services Competitiveness and Structural Reform aims to remind readers of the scale of the services sector and how it can contribution to the region’s response to current and future challenges.  The policy brief discusses the impediments to growth in services competitiveness in all economies and their links to APEC’s structural reform agenda.