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Services to Support the Movement of Essential Goods Background Paper on Logistics Services

Cover_222_GOS_Services to Support the Movement of Essential Goods Background Paper on Logistics Services
Published Date September 2022
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI), Group on Services (GOS)
Accessed 746
Pages 153
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This study focuses on logistics and logistics-related services. It has been prepared in response to the mandate given by the APEC Ministers Responsible for Trade in their 2021 Statement on Services to Support the Movement of Essential Goods. This statement committed APEC economies to enhance “…..coordination, efficiency and transparency around transport and logistical services” and to work to “ …..ensure the smooth and continued operation of the logistics networks that serve as the backbone of global supply chains”.

A set of comprehensive recommendations on logistics-related services to support the movement of essential goods has been developed based on the analysis and findings of the study. These recommendations have the objective of incorporating a clearly defined focus on logistics and logistics-related services within APEC, under the umbrella of the Group on Services and the Committee on Trade and Investment. Implementing these Recommendations would allow for APEC to treat this area in a consistent and coherent manner and to draw together discussion of the numerous strands of logistics-related work being carried out across various APEC fora into a common framework. This would permit useful cross-cutting input as well as regular monitoring of logistics-related policy measures and their impact on logistics performance. Learning from the shortcomings of logistics policies and performance as manifested during the Covid-19 pandemic through adopting these recommendations would put APEC in a much better situation to confront any future crisis that might disrupt trade in the region.