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Comprehensive Review of Potentially Anti-Competitive Laws and Regulations

Cover_220_EC_Comprehensive Review of Potentially Anti-Competitive Laws and Regulations
Published Date March 2020
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under Competition Policy and Law Group (CPLG), Economic Committee (EC)
Accessed 3257
Pages 167
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Some laws and regulations in the Philippines substantially prevent, restrict, or lessen competition in the market. This project aims to improve the legislative and regulatory environment to promote market competition. Project activities include: (i) preparation of a manual that provides detailed guidance to government agencies on how to systematically review existing and proposed legislation, (ii) pilot-testing of the manual in three (3) government agencies, and (iii) the conduct of an international workshop in the Philippines to share the Project outputs and pilot-test results with regulatory and competition agencies in the APEC region, relevant APEC fora and sub-fora, and other stakeholders. All activities were led by a consultant in collaboration with an inter-agency technical working group. This publication details the key results and outcomes from the project.