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2016 Final Report on Good Regulatory Practices in APEC Economies

Published Date August 2017
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under CTI Sub-Fora & Industry Dialogues Groups, Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance (SCSC)
Accessed 10268
Pages 70
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In 2011, APEC developed the “Good Regulatory Practices in APEC Member Economies - Baseline Study” which reviewed the application of selected GRPs across the 21 APEC members. This report focuses on those GRPs that promote regulatory quality standards that are particularly important to trade and investment, such as regulatory accountability, reform capacity, consultation, efficiency, and transparency. 
This report also responds to the APEC Ministerial declaration in 2014 concerning implementation of APEC Actions on Public Consultations on Proposed Regulations in the Internet Era, in which Ministers asked that this report explore how economies are implementing these actions. Finally, this report recommends actions through which APEC can continue supporting the expansion of GRPs to accelerate growth and facilitate inter-APEC trade and investment.