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IFAP Implementation to Facilitate FDI in APEC: Updates in 2016

Published Date May 2017
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under APEC Secretariat, APEC Policy Support Unit
Accessed 12730
Pages 32
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This report analyses the implementation of the Investment Facilitation Action Plan (IFAP) for the period 2015–2016. Overall, APEC implementing economies have stepped up efforts to put in place mechanisms to facilitate and promote investments. The APEC region’s general improvements in quantitative measures such as the World Bank’s distance to frontier (DTF) scores and other Doing Business indicators lend credence to APEC economies’ implementation of actions under the IFAP. Nonetheless, there remains a need to continually look for ways to enhance existing systems and regulations so as to make the investment process more transparent, more convenient and less risky for both domestic and foreign investors.