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Education Guideline 5: Inspiring the Next Generation of Standards Professionals - Towards Job Profiling in Today’s Global World

Published Date March 2015
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under CTI Sub-Fora & Industry Dialogues Groups, Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance (SCSC)
Accessed 12903
Pages 165
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This project aims to explore the skill-set required by standards professionals to meet the needs of businesses, government agencies, education institutes, and standards-related organization in the APEC region.
The objectives of the project are the following:
- Define and categorize standards professionals
- Analyze current workforce requirements of standards professionals
- Identify gaps (if any) in workforce demand and education supply
- Analyze skill-sets, training programs, and materials and develop effective standards professionals
- Present actionable recommendations and a collaborative action plan in 2015-2020 within the region