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FTAAP Capacity Building Programs in Rules of Origin and FTA Implementation: Summary Report

Published Date March 2013
Type of Publication Proceedings
Publication Under Committees, Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI)
Accessed 6617
Pages 28
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This report provides summaries of the workshops held:

- The Capacity building workshop on FTA ROO (Seoul, July 8-10, 2012) included various topics such as General Understanding on FTA ROO, ROO System of Participating Economies, Utilization of WebTR, and C/O (Certificate of Origin) Issuance System, Origin Verification Process Cases; and

- The Capacity building workshop on FTA implementation (Jeju, November 15-16, 2012) covered various key issues including overview of FTA implementation, promotion of public awareness of FTAs, enhancement of utilization of FTAs, and addressing of negatively impacted sectors in FTA implementation.
FTAAP - Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific
FTA - Free Trade Area
FTAs - Free Trade Argeements
ROO - Rules of Origin