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Clean Technology Applications in Tourism Accommodation: A best practice manual, June 2010

1038-Cover_Clean Technology
Published Date June 2010
Type of Publication Manuals
Publication Under SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation (SCE), Tourism Working Group (TWG)
Accessed 74556
Pages 184
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This manual showcases and draws lessons from good practice in the use of clean energy in tourist accommodation around the world. It is designed to assist those who make decisions about tourist accommodation and facilities to: better understand what good practice in clean energy in the accommodation sector means; determine what clean energy elements might be locally appropriate; and, increase uptake of these locally appropriate options.


  • Introduction
  • Why use clean energy?
  • Making best use of clean energy: How to use this manual
  • Clean energy technologies: Reducing or managing the energy needed
  • Using clean technologies to supply energy
  • Developing an Approach to clean technology: What one hotel or hostel can do
  • Facilitating clean energy in tourism accomodation
  • Appendix A: Case studies
  • Appendix B: Additional resources and links
  • Appendix C: Options for creating funding opportunities