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APEC Transportation Ministers Adopt Statement

APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting Cebu, The Philippines | 09 October 2015

At the conclusion of their meeting on Friday, 9 October 2015, the Ministers Responsible for Transportation in the APEC region adopted a joint statement that encapsulates the following priorities:


  • Advancing Inclusive Mobility
  • Developing Sustainable Transport Systems
  • Encouraging Innovation in Transportation Systems
  • Promoting Connectivity
  • Capacity Building
  • Women in Transportation
  • Cross-Fora Collaboration


In their statement, they also endorsed a framework for women's inclusion in the transportation sector, particularly under the following pillars: 1) education; 2) recruitment, 3) retention, 4) leadership, and 5) safe use and access to transportation systems.


Click to view 2015 APEC Joint Transportation Ministerial Statement


Chaired by Philippine Transportation and Communications Secretary Joseph Emilio Aguinaldo Abaya, the APEC Transport Ministers met to discuss domestic and regional plans and initiatives, as well as current challenges and needs, under the theme, “Driving Economic Growth through Inclusive Mobility and Sustainable Transport Systems.”


Earlier on Friday, the Ministers had a dialogue with leaders from the private sector, and discussed how they can work together to address the APEC region’s massive sustainable transportation needs.


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