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Annex A - APEC Definition of Logistics‐related Services

Recognising the importance of identifying unnecessary barriers to trade in any relevant services that may hinder expediting and facilitating the movement of essential goods;

Committed to enhancing coordination, efficiency and transparency around transport and logistical services;

Reiterating our commitment to ensure the smooth and continued operation of the logistics networks that serve as the backbone of global supply chains;

Noting the need to ensure consistency of any such barriers with our World Trade Organization (WTO) and preferential trade agreement obligations and commitments;

Responding to the commitment made in 2021 by APEC Ministers Responsible for Trade to identify and subsequently consider removing unnecessary barriers to trade in services, particularly those services that expedite and facilitate the flow of essential goods;

We endorse the below definition of Logistics-related Services.


Definition of Logistics-related Services

Logistics-related Services are a series of essential economic activities that enable the operation of efficient, sustainable, secure and resilient supply chains and allow for the predictable transport, storage, and delivery of goods and services for businesses. These services include, inter alia:

  • customs brokerage services;
  • cargo handling;
  • storage and warehousing;
  • freight forwarding;
  • courier services;
  • distribution services; and
  • air-, maritime-, rail-,  and road transport services.

This definition is non-binding, non-exhaustive, and open for future review. The definition on logistics-related services only for the purpose for facilitating further discussion and to assist APEC economies to have a better understanding of the impact of these services sectors on the movement of essential goods.