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Data Privacy Individual Action Plan

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Data Privacy Individual Action Plan (IAP) will improve transparency of data protection framework of an economy which in effect will enable other economies to be informed of the relevant stage that an economy has reached. That matches with the overall objective of the APEC Privacy Framework, i.e. to encourage the development of common effective privacy protections and ensure the free flow of information in the region.

Member economies make periodic updates to the Individual Action Plan (IAP) on Information Privacy to update on the progress of domestic implementation of the Framework.

Economy Last Updated
Australia 2021
Canada 2019
Hong Kong, China 2013
Japan 2006
Korea 2006
Malaysia 2010
Mexico 2022
New Zealand 2021
Peru 2006
Philippines 2009
Chinese Taipei 2022
Singapore 2022
Thailand 2011
United States 2021


Reference: Explanatory Notes