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APEC Closing the Digital Skills Gap Report: Trends and Insights; Perspectives on the Supply and Demand of Digital Skills and Degree of Digitalization

Cover_220_APEC Closing the Digital Skills Gap Report
Published Date December 2020
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation (SCE), Human Resources Development Working Group (HRDWG)
Accessed 8537
Pages 41
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This report builds upon the APEC Roadmap to Closing the Digital Skills Gap by 2030, which was endorsed by the HRDWG in September 2019, and which lays out a common definition of digital skills, sets aspirational targets, and details APEC-wide actions on a multi-stakeholder basis (governments, employers, and academia) to closing the digital skills gap and achieve lifelong employability.

In the report, Burning Glass Technologies and LinkedIn provide insightful analysis and useful data to help APEC economies better understand the digital skills gap.  In particular, this report helps APEC member economies, employers, and academia understand their levels of preparedness for jobs in the digital age and to support efforts to upskill and reskill workers amidst COVID-19.