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Promoting Cross-border E-Trade Under the Framework of Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) / Free Trade Agreements (FTAs): Best Practices in the APEC Region

Promoting Cross-border E-Trade under the Framework of RTAs-FTAs - Best Practices in the APEC Region
Published Date December 2018
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI), Digital Economy Steering Group (DESG)
Accessed 6820
Pages 135
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This report reviews cases of e-trade and cross-border e-trade development in the APEC region, analyzes e-trade and cross-border e-trade measures/provisions in selected RTAs/FTAs, researches three best practices of cross-border e-trade under the framework of RTAs/FTAs, addresses critical challenges in promoting cross-border e-trade, and puts forward several recommendations on how to promote cross-border e-trade under RTAs/FTAs, potential measures/provisions in future RTA/FTA negotiations as well as promoting the possible realization of FTAAP from the e-trade facilitation perspective.