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Sustainable Water Use and its Contribution to Food Security: Smallholders' Experiences and Recommendations

Cover_218_PPFS_Sustainable Water Use and its Contribution to Food Security
Published Date June 2018
Type of Publication Proceedings
Publication Under Policy Partnership on Food Security (PPFS)
Accessed 6614
Pages 450
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This report outlines a range of responses that have been undertaken to help address the effects of climate change in the APEC region. It presents experiences that can help provide an understanding of different options that are available to smallholders, both from a top-down (governmental actions, through law, regulation or economic policy) to a bottom-up approach (individuals and communities working to produce solutions, either individually or through partnerships).

The report further describes the methodology and results of a three-day workshop held in Chile participated by more than 80 representatives from 10 APEC member economies.