APEC Guidebook on SME Digital Resilience

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APEC Guidebook on SME Digital Resilience

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November 2017

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SOM Steering Committee on Economic and Technical Cooperation(SCE), Small and Medium Enterprises Working Group(SMEWG)





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Most SMEs without crisis response experience or capabilities often find themselves in a quandary and are at a loss as to who to turn to for help in the event of a digital attack. Even when they manage to implement some form of internal measures, the results of their chosen remedies usually do not materialize quickly enough to be effective. Post recovery is a race against time. How should SMEs prepare themselves for this challenging task?

Chinese Taipei conducted a cross-border collaboration in 2017 with experts from the fields of digital security and business continuity planning such as Trend Micro and Belfor and gave birth to APEC SME O2O Expert Network. Relevant experts based in the Asia-Pacific were invited to develop this Guidebook in the hopes of providing SMEs in the region with some tools to strengthen their digital competitiveness and resilience so as to enable quality growth in the digital era.