2016 CTI Report to Ministers

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2016 CTI Report to Ministers

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November 2016

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Committees, Committee on Trade and Investment(CTI)





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The CTI Annual Report to Ministers for 2016 outlines the Committee’s accomplishments and recommendations in the key priority areas of APEC’s Trade and Investment Liberalization and Facilitation (TILF) agenda in support of APEC’s 2016 priorities under the theme of “Quality Growth and Human Development”. Collective Action Plans (CAPs) in various Osaka Action Agenda (OAA) issue areas, which were first reported in 1996, continued to be the Committee’s main vehicle for advancing APEC’s trade and investment agenda.

Individual Files

  • Appendix 1 Progressing WTO Ministers Decision to Eliminate Export Subsidies Download
  • Appendix 10 Promoting SMEs Integration into Global Value Chains in Major Industries Comprehensive P Download
  • Appendix 11 Promoting e-Commerce to Globalize MSMEs to support the Boracay Action Agenda Download
  • Appendix 12 Terms of Reference Promoting eCommerce to Globalize MSMEs to support the Boracay Action Download
  • Appendix 13 Compendium on Methodologies for SMEs Internationalization Download
  • Appendix 14 Developing a Set of NonBinding Principles for Domestic Regulation of the Services Sector Download
  • Appendix 15 Suggested Framework for Phase Two of the SupplyChain Connectivity Framework Action Plan Download
  • Appendix 16 Study on Infrastructure Investment in the APEC Region Download
  • Appendix 17 Updates to the APEC Privacy Framework Download
  • Appendix 18 Table on APEC economy progress in notifying acceptance of the WTO Agreement on Trade Fac Download
  • Appendix 19 Research on Promoting SME Participation in Global Value Chains - ICTElectronics Download
  • Appendix 2 Final Report on the Second-Term Review of the Bogor Goals Download
  • Appendix 20 2016 APEC Economy Progress in Implementing their Commitments to Reduce Tariffs on the 54 Download
  • Appendix 21 Terms of Reference APEC Alliance for Supply Chain Connectivity A2C2 Download
  • Appendix 22 Report to Ministers on Reducing Divergences in GHS Implementation in APEC Economies Download
  • Appendix 23 LSIF Executive Board CoChairs Letter to Ministers and Leaders Download
  • Appendix 24 20172018 Work Plan for the APEC Technical Group on Measurement on Trade in ValueAdded Ti Download
  • Appendix 25 2016 Progress Report on APEC Measurement on TiVA under GVCs Download
  • Appendix 26 Pathfinder on Permanent Customs Duty Moratorium on Electronic Transmissions Including Co Download
  • Appendix 3 SecondTerm Review of APECs Progress towards the Bogor Goals Progress by Economy Download
  • Appendix 4 APECs Bogor Goals Dashboard Download
  • Appendix 5 Addressing Barriers to Trade and Investment in the Context of Global Value Chains Increas Download
  • Appendix 6 Collective Strategic Study on Issues Related to the Realization of the FTAAP Download
  • Appendix 7 Executive Summary of the Collective Strategic Study on Issues Related to the Realization Download
  • Appendix 8 Recommendations accompanying the Collective Strategic Study on Issues Related to the Real Download
  • Appendix 9 Next Steps for Advancing Work on Digital Trade in 2017 Download
  • Main Report Download