Services in Global Value Chains: Manufacturing-Related Services

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Services in Global Value Chains: Manufacturing-Related Services

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November 2015

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APEC Secretariat, APEC Policy Support Unit





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The objective of the study is to collect firm-specific insights on the contribution of manufacturing related services in their supply/value chain operations using a case-study approach. It also analyses how government policies affecting the production and trade of services – such as investment and investment-related policies, taxes and regulations – can have a significant implications on firm’s configuration, operation and location of value chains. During the study, case studies involving 22 firms based in 12 APEC economies were compiled. They cover different sectors ranging from automotive components and mining equipment to electrical appliances and watch. The summary report can be found in Chapter 1 while the individual case studies can be found in Chapter 2 to 21.

Individual Files

  • Chapter 10 Manufacturing of Thermal Power Generation Equipment Download
  • Chapter 11 Production of Precision Die and Machine Parts in Thailand Download
  • Chapter 12 Manufacturing of Refrigerators Download
  • Chapter 13 Manufacturing of Watch in Hong Kong China Download
  • Chapter 14 Manufacturing of Automotive Components in Mexico Perspectives from Three Firms Download
  • Chapter 15 Manufacturing of Telecommunications Equipment Download
  • Chapter 16 Manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards in Canada Download
  • Chapter 17 Wine Industry in Chile Download
  • Chapter 18 Integrated Logistics Solutions Provider in Mexico Download
  • Chapter 19 Remanufacturing Services in the Construction Machinery Value Chain Download
  • Chapter 2 Manufacturing of Aircraft Control Systems in the Philippines Download
  • Chapter 20 Manufacturing of Consumer Electronic Appliances in Indonesia Download
  • Chapter 21 Fresh Cherry Industry in Chile Download
  • Chapter 3 Industrial Welding Services in Thailand Download
  • Chapter 4 Manufacturing of Mining and Construction Equipment Download
  • Chapter 5 Manufacturing of Computer Servers Download
  • Chapter 6 Wastewater Treatment Services in GVCs Download
  • Chapter 7 Manufacturing of Automotive Components in the ASEAN Region Download
  • Chapter 8 Manufacturing of Oil and Gas Industry Equipment in Singapore Download
  • Chapter 9 Manufacturing of Car in the Philippines Download
  • Table of Contents and Chapter 1 Manufacturing-Related Services Summary Report Download