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2012 APEC Economic Policy Report

1330-cover APER
Published Date October 2012
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under Committees, Economic Committee (EC)
Accessed 26265
Pages 402
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Updated in January 2013. This report assesses the progress made by APEC in the priority areas included in the 'Ease of Doing Business' initiative.

Part I analyzes the overall collective progress by APEC between 2009 and 2011, based on the World Bank’s Doing Business database, which estimated that APEC made collective progress in the EoDB initiative equal to 8.2 percent, exceeding the 2011 interim target of 5 percent. Part II provides a detailed assessment of APEC’s progress in each priority area, identifying which indicators best explain the progress achieved thus far, and illustrating specific examples of effective implementation measures in individual economies that led to improvements in those areas. Part III reviews individual economies’ EoDB activities and achievements in order to provide a comprehensive interim assessment of the APEC’s EoDB initiative.