A study commissioned by ABAC. Online Survey of Stakeholders, November 2010

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A study commissioned by ABAC. Online Survey of Stakeholders, November 2010

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November 2010

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APEC Business Advisory Council(ABAC)





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A study commissioned by ABAC. Online Survey of Stakeholders: Views Regarding the Effectiveness of Broadband Adoption Policies in the APEC Region

This report analyses a survey of telecommunication industry experts from 18 APEC economies on the effectiveness of broadband adoption policies with particular regard to SMEs. It finds that national telecommunications markets are, in general, viewed as competitive whereas broadband markets are seen as less competitive. Urban areas typically have higher rates of broadband adoption for SMEs and households than rural areas. By international standards, broadband prices are viewed as relatively high. Around 30 per cent of respondents thought the provision of online services from the private and public sectors were advanced, comprehensive and sophisticated. Respondents pay close attention to markets and regulatory developments in other nations with leading benchmark economies being within the APEC region. The maturing of broadband markets in the region is very diverse. Respondents believe that policies that are intended to directly encourage SME broadband adoption are somewhat effective, but that broadband market competitiveness, lower broadband prices and an emphasis on education and awareness of broadband benefits are a more important focus.