Seminar on Venture Capital and Start-up Companies 2003, Proceedings, (Published February 2004)

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Seminar on Venture Capital and Start-up Companies 2003, Proceedings, (Published February 2004)

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February 2004

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CTI Sub-Fora & Industry Dialogues Groups, Investment Experts' Group(IEG)





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The paper gives an overview on the development of venture capital market in US and what direction the market is heading after 2000 crash. The paper articulates what ‘Bubble’ has affected investors, venture capitals, especially the psychology of the investors, which is unpredicted concerning the trend of the whole market. NASDAQ is the marketplace of choice for the majority of IPOs, especially for the majority of the venture capital backed IPOs since 1990s.

  • Summary Report
  • Program
  • Opening Remark
  • Opening Remark
  • Venture Capital after the Bubble
  • How Can Venture Capital Flourish
  • Current Status and Opportunities for
  • China Venture Capital Firms and Start-up Companies
  • Solving the Mystery of Venture Capital - How a Process That Triumphs in the U.S. Can Succeed in China and other APEC Economies
  • Key Initiatives to Foster Venture Capital Development
  • In Asia Pacific Developing Economies
  • The Importance of Structuring Exit Mechanism for Venture Capital – Case Study and Practical Solution
  • Development Status of China’s Venture Capital Investment
  • Implications of China’s Taxation Policies on
  • Foreign-Invested Venture Capital Investment Enterprises
  • Efficient Capital Markets, Venture Capital Investments and Exits
  • Thoughts about Venture Capital Investment in
  • China’s New and High-tech Industry
  • Foreign VC in China: Prosperity & Prospects
  • Name List of Participants