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Webinar on Standards of Product Circularity Data Exchange among APEC Economies

COVER_224_SCSC_Webinar on Standards of Product Circularity Data Exchange
Published Date May 2024
Type of Publication Proceedings
Publication Under Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI), Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance (SCSC)
Accessed 232
Pages 31
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Ensuring the enhancement of product circularity performance is crucial in facilitating the transition towards a circular economy (CE). Standardisation and digitalization are both important tools for improving product circularity performance. However, reliable standardised and digitized data is scarce, and many circular economies have different exclusive formats across APEC economies, which impede product circularity data exchange, thus affecting trade in circular economy across APEC economies.

APEC economies, acknowledging this need, organized a two-day webinar dedicated to addressing challenges and deliberating practical measures for improving product circularity data exchange. The webinar centered on fostering a collaborative knowledge exchange among APEC member economies, focusing on the implementation of effective strategies to overcome these challenges. The 46 participants from eight economies, comprising a gender-diverse group of experts, policymakers, and researchers, aimed to contribute to a sustainable and circular future in global commerce.

The Index of Problems and Challenges provided in this project summary report outlines issues such as SME engagement, lack of targeted initiatives, data collection challenges, and the need for government support. Practical measures included policy encouragement, highlighting economic benefits, leveraging AI tools, and refining standards.