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Set of Voluntary Recommendations on Using Digital Technologies to Provide Services for Older Adults in Poverty Condition in APEC Economies

COVER_223_DESG_ Set of Voluntary Recommendations
Published Date November 2023
Type of Publication Reports
Publication Under Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI), Digital Economy Steering Group (DESG)
Accessed 334
Pages 10
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The focus of the project is to gather the difficulties and best practices regarding the digital inclusion of older adults in poverty among APEC economies. In this regard, this publication had based on the recommendations to be implemented in APEC economies: Communication between the private and public sectors to offer affordable digital devices and services for the older adult population; Enabling network approaches to the delivery of digital inclusion services; Participation of older adults in the design of digital technologies; Incorporating the demands and needs of older adults in digital access policies and address the digital divide in policies aimed at older adults; Implementation of projects that promote the use of digital technologies with the support of older adults' social networks; Strengthening digital literacy among older adults; Considering geographical factors and physical access; and Fostering joint initiatives among APEC economies.