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Mutual Recognition Agreements Toolkit

COVER_223_GOS_Mutual Recognition Agreements Toolkit
Published Date October 2023
Type of Publication Manuals
Publication Under Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI), Group on Services (GOS)
Accessed 1109
Pages 50
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The MRA Toolkit is a resource that provides practical, non-prescriptive guidance to all actors involved in the development and implementation of MRAs. By placing guidance at their fingertips, the main aim is to support their work and accelerate the development and implementation of MRAs within the APEC region.


Recognising the complex nature of mutual recognition, it is important to emphasise the non-prescriptive character of the MRA Toolkit.  It is not intended to strictly define how MRAs are to be developed and implemented. Rather, by providing guidance and examples, it seeks to make it easier for actors to begin or to continue the practical work on streamlining the recognition of qualifications and licensing processes through mutual recognition arrangements.


To that end, the MRA Toolkit is designed to be easy to navigate and use. As such, it is not presented as a piece of academic research, but it does provide links to academic and other similar sources that users can access to deepen their knowledge and understanding of particular topics.